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The country and outdoor recreation calendar

Be aware of seasonal activities that may affect outdoor public access, such as calving and lambing.

Where a trail or area is temporarily closed, there will be signs at track heads. There should also be online information about such seasonal restrictions, for example Roy's Peak on the Department of Conservation website

Table showing seasonal activities

This calendar was jointly created by Herenga ā Nuku, Fish & Game and Federated Farmers New Zealand.


Breeding season (bull)

Start of October to end of January and Start of April to end of July
Paddocks with bulls in them should be avoided.


Early February to end of April and start of August to end of October
Cows accompanied by calves should be avoided as they become aggressive if approached. The exact calving periods vary by region and altitude.

Cattle droving

Visitors should exercise caution if cattle droving is taking place. This is for their own safety and the wellbeing of the animals.

Grain and seed harvesting

Mid-January until mid-March
Heavy machinery may be operating during grain and seed harvesting season. Be careful about which paddocks you go through to avoid damaging new crops.


Late August to late October
Lambing may vary depending on the altitude of the farm and the region of New Zealand it’s in.

Hunting and fishing

Game bird hunting

The first Saturday in May until mid-to late-August
The end of the game bird hunting season varies between regions. Check for season dates in your area.

Freshwater fishing

1 October to 30 April
Freshwater fishing season can vary by region and location. Many lakes and rivers can be fished year-round. Check for season dates in your area.


1 September to 30 October
(Chatham Islands: 1 December to the last day of February)
For more information, visit

The Roar

Start of April to early May
While deer can be hunted all year around, “The Roar” breeding season is when stags are most vocal and active. This can vary by species and region. For more information, visit

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