Cow at Whareroa Farm
Photo by Asher Wilson-Goldman


For people exploring the outdoors, it is important to protect our native environment by not spreading diseases, organisms and predators that harm our unique ecosystem. Threats to our environment include:

  • weeds
  • freshwater algae such as didymo and landavia/lake snow
  • kauri dieback
  • farm diseases such as mycoplasma bovis and sheep measles
  • introduced pests

Biosecurity helps to prevent these unwanted organisms, pests and diseases from spreading.

Helpful links

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) leads New Zealand’s biosecurity system. It has helpful advice:

If you think you’ve found an exotic pest or disease that hasn’t been found here before, report it to MPI online or by calling 0800 80 99 66.

Other useful biosecurity advice includes:

  • Sheep measles – People taking dogs into sheep farms should get their dogs dosed monthly, or at least 48 hours before entry, to prevent the spread of sheep measles. Dog faeces must be picked up and removed.
  • Mycoplasma bovis – a serious cattle disease that NZ is working to eradicate. When you cross farmland, comply with all notices in place, clean and disinfect shoes and vehicles as required, do not approach or touch the cattle and leave gates as you found them.