Anakiwa Mist
Photo by Kiwi-Wings

Caring for the environment

Public access to the outdoors connects us to te taiao, our unique natural world. New Zealand’s nature is precious, and many of our native species are endangered or at risk. Remember to care for land, sea, and nature when you travel.

Public access ways, particularly on water margins, may have high values for native plants and animals. Damaging or removing plants and animals destroys part of the environment and is illegal in most parts of the country. Many areas are fragile and may take years to recover from damage.

  • Take your rubbish home.
  • Use a loo when there is one. Otherwise, bury your waste in the recommended manner or carry it out in a compostable bag
  • Do not disturb stock or damage vegetation, wildlife, historic places, pasture or crops.
  • Wherever possible, find a way around coastal and wetland plants, alpine herb fields and moss beds.


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