Our maps are generally well behaved, but every so often something doesn't work the way you expect.
Use this page to solve any problems you may be having.


Clearing your browser cache 

‘The maps don’t seem to be loading properly, with some parts missing.’ 

If the maps don’t load correctly you may need to remove some older files from your web browser to allow the new ones to replace them when the site loads. This is called clearing your browser’s cache and is a widely used maintenance task. 

This is an article about managing browser caches which helps explain it. 

While there are many different web browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari) the keyboard shortcut to the delete cache menu is usually CTRL + SHIFT + DEL.  

Alternatively, you can navigate through the Settings menu on your browser.  

You should delete the cached images and cached files at the minimum then reload the page to see if it has resolved the issue. 


Saving maps 

‘I used to be able to save maps, but the option is no longer there.’ 

Due to some technical issues, the ability for people to login and save maps using a Facebook account has been removed until we can provide it in a sustained way.