Kaiaraara Rock overlooking Whangaroa Harbour
Photo by Northland NZ

Northland Regional Walking and Cycling Project

The Northland Walking and Cycling Project revitalises the comprehensive 2018 Northland Walking and Cycling Strategy. In October 2023, Herenga ā Nuku Aotearoa signed a memorandum of understanding with Whangarei District Council and Bike Northland, establishing a partnership to implement a Northland Regional Walking and Cycling Project. The project wants to develop and secure feasible trail access across Te Taitokerau so Northland can be a world-class coastal walking and cycling destination.

The project will develop a 700 km network of walking and cycling trails looping around the region and connecting the Far North to North Auckland.

Northland Walking and Cycling Strategy August 2018 (pdf 3MB)

News story: Northland Trails Project will create unique two-coast loop

We want your feedback - please come along to our hui to find out more on the Northland - Taitokerau Regional Trails Project, share your community trail information & ideas and understand what you can do to support this vital Northland Taitokerau vision.

Invitation to Northland Taitokerau Regional Trails Project Hui April 2024