Photo by Julie Heath, Birchwood School

Wishing New Zealand a safe and happy holiday

The New Zealand Walking Access Commission wishes Kiwis a safe and happy holiday season.

Many people will be taking advantage of the good weather and holiday season to explore some of New Zealand’s many scenic spots, either by returning to favourite places or discovering new ones. 

Before you head out, try taking a look at our Walking Access Mapping System. It’s a useful tool for planning your trip because it tells you what land is publicly accessible, wherever you are in the country.

Another useful tool is the Follow the Kiwi Way website, which provides practical guidelines about what to be mindful of when you are accessing the outdoors. 

The Commission will shut down at the end of the day on 23 December, and reopen for business on 4 January. We wish you all a special time with your loved ones this Christmas, and a satisfying break.

Happy holidays.