Crucible Lake
Photo by Stephen Day

Where’s your first swim this summer?

Stephen Day, Kaiwhakahaere Whakapā | Communications Manager

Traditionally, in my family at least, Labour Weekend is the weekend when everyone has to have their first outdoor swim of summer.

These Labour Weekend swims are brutish and short. But because of the short time that they last, there’s the opportunity to squeal and thrash about.

The first outdoor swim is an important ceremony to welcome the impending summer. Every swim from this weekend forward will be easier and more pleasant than the previous one. And, as my in-laws say, you never regret a swim after you’ve done it. You only regret the ones you didn’t take.

Our household definition of a legitimate swim is three full immersions (including the top of the head) or 50 strokes. Make sure you take your fluffiest, biggest towel to wrap up in and a thermos of milo or soup to share with your friends afterwards.

If you’re looking for the perfect venue for your first swim of the year, check out our guidance on getting to rivers, lakes and the coast.

Many of our rivers and lakes are open to public access. You can find out if the rivers and lakes near you are publicly accessible using our mapping system, WAMS.

If you’re having trouble working out public access to your nearest swimming hole or beach, you can ask one of our regional field advisors for help.