Jimmy Armers Beach
Photo by Melville Syme

Jimmy Armers Track protected into the future

Melville and Julie Symes have legalised a popular walking track from Jimmy Armers Beach that crosses their property.

Most of the existing track was on an unformed legal road, but there were significant deviations onto the Symes’ property. The Symes wanted to ensure the community and tourists would continue to have access along the track into the future if their land were to change hands.

The popular walking track links the best swimming beach in Kaikoura, where there is a well-frequented seafood cart, and houses at the top of the hill. This walk is popular with locals and tourists alike, providing a steady climb with great views from the top.

The track has historic interest, as it is the same route that fishers took a century ago to reach the wharves.

With funding from Herenga ā Nuku Aotearoa and the Kaikoura District Council, the Symes have secured the route by creating a public access strip easement.

Herenga ā Nuku chief executive Ric Cullinane says giving a funding grant to protect the track in the future is a sensible decision.

“This is an example of local people working to improve their community. We can help turn their practical and popular public access into something that will survive for future generations.”

The Kaikoura Tramping Club supported the Symes’ application to formalise public access, noting that it is a popular walking link. The track links to the Kaikoura Peninsula Walkway and the seal colony, and on to Dempseys Track, through public conservation land into Kaikoura, creating a loop track.

The local mountain biking club has also supported the access, including replacing an old stile with a new one, which allows cyclists to share the walkway.

If the area is further subdivided, the track will become more popular with the growing number of residents.