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Improvements to our website and Find My Adventure

We have introduced some great new features that make finding information on our website even easier.

Finding your next adventure

We have improved Find My Adventure, our search tool for tracks and trails, by adding new features, including:

  • Elevation profiles, so you can see how steep your climb is. This is currently on more than half of our tracks. We will be progressively adding it to the others.
  • Download and print a PDF of the track information to take with you. Or download a GPX file to put into your favourite app so you can follow the trail on the go.
  • A new feature called ‘nearby tracks,’ so if your adventure just isn’t quite right, you can find another one close by, to do afterwards.
  • Plenty of improvements to the design, so it’s easier and a nicer experience to get the information you want.
  • Want to put a track or tracks from Find My Adventure on your own website? Now you can, for free. It’s easy, just register an account and follow the instructions. You can have a webpage automatically load with your favourite search, or even just pick any one track to display.
  • Most importantly, a big boost to speed. Searches now load faster and display more tracks at a time. We know you don’t want to be stuck looking at a loading screen, so Find My Adventure now works super quick whether you’re using the filters or the map to search.

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Better search and other improvements

The rest of the website also has a bunch of upgrades. These include a better search engine in the top menu to help you find what you’re looking for even faster. The search now also includes Find My Adventure tracks, so you can get into the great outdoors with a click of the search button.

Our Knowledge Base is the home of research, advice, and information about all forms of public access to the outdoors. This is now easier to use, with improved filtering. Knowledge Base articles can now also include links to related news stories so the theory links better with real world stories.

Find answers in the Knowledge Base

Making our website more accessible for everyone

We focused on improving how people visit and interact with all parts of our website.

A lot of the time, this is small tweaks – a different font here, a change to a colour there. But together, these make the website much better for a many people, from those with colour-blindness to people using assistive technologies such as screen readers.

We also upgraded our publications section, and will, over time, be converting more of our publications from PDFs into webpages. This will make them easier to navigate and read on the screen, including mobile devices. Examples of these publications include the Outdoor Access Code, and our Connecting Franklin – North Waikato Stakeholders Report.

Tell us what you think

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our website. What bits do you like best? What doesn’t work? We’re also excited to hear any suggestions for new features or functions you’d like us to add.

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