Link pathway v2

Donations help repair Link Pathway from storm damage

The Link Pathway Trust has received over 70 donations reaching almost $10,000 since the storm that damaged Te Ara Tuhono/The Link Pathway back in July.  

After the storm, the Link Pathway Trust assessed the damage and developed a strategy to get less damaged sections open as soon as possible. Pre lockdown, volunteers have been working hard to clear mud and debris between Anakiwa and Picton to make this 24km section usable again.  

Mahakipawa Hill was the most severely hit after the storm. Clearing and repairing of the washed-out stream culverts and crossings here has also begun.  

The parts of the pathway that are damaged and close to the road require further cooperation and help from Marlborough Roads.  

Rick Edmonds, a local artist in the Marlborough region planned the largely volunteer-built 42km Link Pathway that runs from Picton and Anakiwa to Havelock. This pathway helped to get school children off busy roads in Linkwater as well as being a popular track for tourists and locals. 

The donations have been hugely appreciated and are still welcome here.