Douglas Thorne Photography Rock Wren 1920
Photo by Douglas Thorne Photography

We're TeamRockWren for Bird of the Year 2022

A word from our boss, pīwauwau rock wren:

“If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough.”
— Muhammed Ali & me, pīwauwau rock wren

Rock wren

Pīwauwau rock wren. Photo: Michael Ashbee

I’ve got looks. I’ve got moxy. I’m the most overbird of all the underbirds. I won’t let you wander through my territory without stamping my enormous feet and giving you an earful of my ultrasonic harmonics.

This year, I’ve hired Herenga ā Nuku Aotearoa, the Outdoor Access Commission, to help me win my rightful crown. They don’t stomp or sing, but we have other things in common:

  • We’re both (according to science) small: I reckon I’m bigger than a Haast’s eagle, but my campaigners are NZ’s smallest Crown agent. Bless ‘em.
  • We got stamina: I don’t retreat below the bushline over winter; I stick it out. And Herenga ā Nuku can support a public access case for years, all so that you can get into nature and see me (among lesser things).
  • We see the overview: My campaigners have a high-level approach, working across boundaries to make trails, and I wake up to the biggest scenery NZ has to offer. Come up and see me sometime!


For the first time in history, it's gonna start reigning wrens

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