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School children to nominate their Top Outdoor Spot

School children across New Zealand are photographing, drawing and describing their favourite places as part of a national competition celebrating enjoyment of the great outdoors.

The Top Outdoor Spot competition began today on the Walking Access Commission’s Both Sides of the Fence education website. The website provides resources for teachers to use with their students to promote responsible behaviour in the outdoors.

"It’s always great to see the wonderful drawings, photos and poems that students write about their favourite outdoor spots," said Eric Pyle, Chief Executive of the Walking Access Commission.

"New Zealand is lucky to have so many beautiful places we can go, from beaches to rivers, from mountains to forests, and seeing them through children’s eyes brings a new sense of wonder.

"I encourage all teachers to use our resources to help spark their students’ creativity, and look forward to seeing the entries into our competition that they create," said Mr Pyle.

The Top Outdoor Spot competition has been run for the past five years and the number of entries has grown steadily each year. The best three entries in each of three categories - Best Drawing, Best Photo and Best Description - will win a prize pack for themselves and their school.

More information about the 2017 Top Outdoor Spot competition can be found on the New Zealand Walking Access Commission's Both Sides of the Fence education website, online at The competition will run from 29 January to 6 July 2018.