Split Apple Rock TOS
Photo by Luca

Only a few weeks left to enter Top Outdoor Spot

The Top Outdoor Spot competition is a great chance for students and their schools to win great prizes

There are fantastic prizes up for grabs for students and schools who enter the Top Outdoor Spot competition before 6 July. We’ve already have had entries from around the country, but there is still time for more classes to get involved and be in with a chance at winning.

To enter, students can choose to send in a photo, artwork, or piece of writing about their favourite outdoor spot in New Zealand. We’ve had feedback from teachers and students that they really enjoy discussing and preparing entries as part of an all-of-class learning experience.

You can submit entries here

The competition is a great classroom activity. It is a chance to promote enjoyment and respect for the outdoors. It can support learning about writing and presenting for different purposes and audiences.

Any student enrolled in a New Zealand school is eligible to win the Top Outdoor Spot competition. While this competition targets years 4-8, teachers can encourage younger or older students to take part.