Nominations invited for outdoor access awards

It's that time of year again, when a nationwide search begins for individuals and organisations that have made a significant contribution to outdoor access in New Zealand. Top achievers will be recognised with a Walking Access Champion Award.

The awards, presented by the New Zealand Walking Access Commission, recognise those who have made significant and lasting contributions to public outdoor access, whether through securing new legal access, championing public rights of access, trail building, or contributing to understanding of access rights and responsibilities.

NZWAC chief executive Eric Pyle urged New Zealanders to put forward nominees, saying the awards are a way of strengthening the country's walking access heritage.

“The Walking Access Champion awards celebrate those who have made a meaningful contribution to public outdoor access in New Zealand.

“We are privileged in New Zealand to have such a diverse range of spectacular scenery, from stunning lakes and beaches to richly-varied forest and mountain landscapes. This is an essential part of our national heritage and culture.

“By giving these awards, we are recognising the value of outdoor access, and promoting the importance of preserving what we have for future generations.â€