Mapping system development project begins

A project has begun to explore options for the next stage of development of the Walking Access Mapping System.

The number of people using the system is increasing and the development project, which began in April, is examining how the New Zealand Walking Access Commission can ensure the mapping system caters to an increasingly broad and technologically savvy audience.

Commission chief executive Mark Neeson said mapping system users continued to provide positive feedback and user surveys showed satisfaction with its accuracy remained high.

However, he said web and GIS technology and end-user expectations had changed considerably since the system's launch in 2010 and there had been rapid growth in the use of mobile devices to access the web.

“Mobile-friendly web based services are now the industry standard and we are conscious that the mapping system remains optimised for desktop users. There is demand for a more user-friendly mobile version of the system than the version we currently have available.â€