Crown Range Road
Photo by Mariano Mantel

Crown Pastoral Lease review is opportunity for Outdoor Recreation

Walking Access Commission Chief Executive Ric Cullinane says improving public access for recreation should be an important outcome of the current review of Crown pastoral lease land.

Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) is reviewing the management of Crown pastoral leases.

The Commission regularly negotiates public access on Crown pastoral leases in the South Island High Country. Ric Cullinane says there is a close link between public access to outdoor recreation opportunities and awareness of New Zealand’s environmental and biodiversity needs.

“Let’s state clearly that public outdoor recreation (both free and commercial) is a goal and outcome for Crown pastoral land. That’s a good way to get better public access and the associated social and economic benefits that go with people enjoying the outdoors,” says Ric Cullinane.

The Commission made a submission to LINZ last month arguing that promoting and improving public access should be a key outcome from the review.

“Free, practical, public access is a crucial component of outdoor recreation opportunities. It also contributes to regional economies, community and social wellbeing, and understanding of conservation and biodiversity outcomes,” says Ric Cullinane.

Walking Access Commission submission to LINZ on its review of the management of Crown pastoral lease land