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Add your own reviews of tracks on Find My Adventure

The Commission has been working with our website design company Somar to make big improvements to Find My Adventure.

You can now create your own user account on the website and write your own reviews about tracks that you have been on. You can also submit photos and videos of tracks. The first review you submit will go into moderation to make sure you’re not an internet troll. But after that, if you behave nicely, your reviews, photos and videos will publish instantly. You can share the track and your review on social media (Twitter and Facebook) or just email the link to your friends and family. We have not got many reviews yet but as more people use the site and share their thoughts on tracks they travel you’ll be able to sort tracks by their rating and read other people’s reviews of tracks before you do them yourself.

To register as a user and/or to login look for the button at the top righthand corner of website. Once you have created an account then you just need to go to Find My Adventure and find a track you would like to review. You have to give it a rating (out of five stars) and then you have the option to write a few words, share a photo and/or link to a video on YouTube.

Another improvement to the search functionality now means the website runs much faster than it previously did.

One great side effect of the new elastic search is that as you move around the Find My Adventure map with your mouse, the tracks on the map will automatically reload and refresh depending what part of the map you are looking at. Have a play; it is very fun.