2011 Dry Acheron Track

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adding a public access easment on your land

Adding a public access easement on your land - brochure

Published May 2023

Allowing a legal walkway on your land can be straightforward. It lets people walk or ride safely across your farm, forest or land under conditions you choose.

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GMULR cover page

Guidelines for the Management of Unformed Legal Roads

Published September 2022

Best practice guidelines document for local authorities and interested parties on the administration of unformed legal roads.

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Walking access commission small logotype

Submission on Crown pastoral land proposed regulations and standards

Published August 2022

Herenga ā Nuku recommends that the Commissioner of Crown Lands consult with the Herenga ā Nuku before Crown pastoral land regulations and standards are finalised.

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Summary of Regional Projects 100

Summary of Strategic Regional Projects

Published March 2022

We work closely with local government, iwi partners, central government agencies and community stakeholders to develop long-term regional tracks and trails strategies.

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Submission on Proposed Te Tauihu 100

Submission on Proposed Te Tauihu Regional Land Transport Plan

Published March 2021

There are strong linkages in walking and biking access across Te Tauihu including three Great Rides, Heartland Rides, Te Araroa Trail, and
planned Whale Trail.

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rsz faq hs for farmers

Health and safety responsibilities of farmers to recreational visitors - Frequently Asked Questions

Published October 2019

Does the new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 significantly change the obligations farmers have to ensure the safety of recreational visitors to their land?

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FMA info for councils

Find My Adventure Information for Councils

Published October 2019

Find My Adventure is a free, easy-to-use database, tool and website. It helps more people find the information they need to get into the outdoors.

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Tri fold DLE

Intro to the Walking Access Commission

Published September 2019

At the Walking Access Commission Ara Hīkoi Aotearoa, we make sure New Zealand’s natural playground remains easy to access and free for everyone.

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Rights and Responsibilities Brochure

Rights and Responsibilities brochure

Published September 2019

Know your access rights and responsibilities: get permission, be responsible for your safety, take care of the environment, and consider others

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Find My Adventure DLE

Find My Adventure DLE flyer

Published September 2019

Find your next adventure » Search from hundreds of tracks and trails around New Zealand.

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