2011 Dry Acheron Track

Publications: September 2019

2019 Walking Access Review Walking Access Act 2008 Web Page 01

Report on the Findings of the Review of the Walking Access Act 2008

Published September 2019

The review considers the need for the Act, its operation and effectiveness, and whether any amendments are necessary or desirable.

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Find My Adventure DLE

Find My Adventure DLE flyer

Published September 2019

Find your next adventure » Search from hundreds of tracks and trails around New Zealand.

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Rights and Responsibilities Brochure

Rights and Responsibilities brochure

Published September 2019

Know your access rights and responsibilities: get permission, be responsible for your safety, take care of the environment, and consider others

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Tri fold DLE

Intro to the Walking Access Commission

Published September 2019

At the Walking Access Commission Ara Hīkoi Aotearoa, we make sure New Zealand’s natural playground remains easy to access and free for everyone.

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