2011 Dry Acheron Track

Publications: June 2018

2018 2022 NZWAC SOI

Statement of Intent 2018-2022

Published June 2018

This Statement of Intent (SOI) sets out what the New Zealand Walking Access Commission Ara Hīkoi Aotearoa (NZWAC) intends to achieve or contribute to over the next four years and how it will manage its functions and operations to meet its intentions.

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Walking Access SPE 2018 web

Statement of Performance Expectations 2018-2019

Published June 2018

This Statement of Performance Expectations reflects our proposed performance targets and forecast financial information for the year ahead. It is produced in accordance with section 149E of the Crown Entities Act 2004.

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Taranaki Tracks and Trails Strategy Report

Taranaki Tracks and Trails 2040 Strategy

Published June 2018

The Taranaki Strategy outlines a potential network of pathways, biodiversity trails, tourist trails, cycle trails, coastal trails and historic trails.

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