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Publications: March 2007

walkingaccess analysisofwrittensubmissions 1

Outdoor walking access: analysis of written submissions

Published March 2007

The Walking Access Consultation Panel received almost 1400 submissions in response to its consultation document. This summary provides an overview of submitters' opinions, not a critique of submissions.

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OWAReportforminister fulldocforweb 1

PDF Outdoor walking access: report to the Minister of Rural Affairs

Published March 2007

This report contains the Walking Access Consultation Panel's recommendations for how New Zealanders' access to rivers, lakes, the coastline and other public lands can be improved and managed over the coming years.

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roadinglawapplicabletounformedroads 1

Roading law as it applies to unformed legal roads

Published March 2007

This commentary explains the nature of the "Queen's highway", what the free right of passage is, the special character of roads along rivers, lakes and the sea, as well as some historical perspective.

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waterfull 1

Elements of the law on movable water boundaries

Published March 2007

This commentary highlights unsatisfactory elements in our waterside law that detract from a stable legal environment.

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