Outdoor Access Map

Zoom in to see more on our maps

Our partners Eagle Technology have just updated the NZ imagery basemaps on all our online maps. That means two improvements for the people that use them.

  1. You can now zoom in closer and thus see many more details. The old basemaps zoomed in to a scale of 1:282 - they now zoom in to 1:70. For people exploring the outdoors, that means you can get a much closer map view of the river or valley you’re hoping to visit. You won’t be able to see if the fish in the river are biting but you might be able to see if there is watercress growing beside the river for a side dish.
  2. You can now see the sea. Our maps are for people on land. But Aotearoa is mostly water, and just because we are about land doesn’t mean we don’t also love the water. Many people use our maps to get to the sea. So, now they can view it on the map rather than imagining it sits there on a blank canvas. And, as Eagle notes “we can now fully appreciate the geographic extent of the Zealandia continent, with the Kermadec and Puysegur Trenches evident to the north and south of the country.”

Have a play around with the new basemaps. You’ll be amazed what you discover with this deeper, more comprehensive and wetter view of our motu.