Top Outdoor Spot Competition back in 2016

It's time for Kiwi students to think about the photos, drawings and descriptions of their favourite outdoor places they'd like to enter into the 2016 Top Outdoor Spot competition.

The competition is being run on the New Zealand Walking Access Commission's Both Sides of the Fence ( education website from 1 February to 8 May 2016.

Both Sides of the Fence is an educational resource designed to help teachers and students think about how to use the outdoors responsibly. It includes animated cartoon videos, educational resources and activities for primary and intermediate school children that help raise awareness of responsible behaviour in the outdoors in a fun and interactive way.

New Zealand Walking Access Commission chief executive Mark Neeson said the Top Outdoor Spot competition was a great way to build critical thinking about responsible outdoor behaviour, and what it means to be a New Zealander.

“Many youngsters know what it means to be outdoors and have fun with their family and friends, whether it's tramping and camping in the bush, having a day at the beach or going on a skiing holiday. What this competition does is make them reflect on something that they might otherwise take for granted, that is a big part of the New Zealand way of life.â€